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status update

I’ve had my ~2 months break to recollect thoughts, reflect on what I have already achieved and now the time to plan new things.
Breaks are good. You are mostly in it for life, and often work as a volunteer is not being payed you do it because you care. To grow tired of the project because of frustration is not good.
Take a break if you do. Rest, find your inner calm, if you have enough money to travel and couchsurfing do that. Start some other hobbies or pick them up again, but balance is important.

It will probably be another 1 – 3 weeks until all the base for pragmatique is covered:
move to ikiwiki, mailserver, put every thought I have gathered about the micro aspects of communities from whiteboard, paper and brain into the new website, etc.
I was also told that the current explanation of the project is still fuzzy and unclear, I’ll fix that too.

Afterwards I will get back to where I was originally complaining about working with an outdated version of GNUnet to create a service for an outdated version of GNUnet. With GNUnet roadmap goals for the next version release at 99%, 2 real bugs left to solve I hope a release happens so I can work with a real test case.

announcing infotropique – call for participation

The content here is kept for reasons, it is just inaccurate at this point. The name has been changed to infotropique, and infotropique OS.

Today I’m announcing pragmatique, a new project.

Its primary focus is to open up the efforts I’ve been working on for some time to other people, to provide space as a community, and to work on more than just software.

Our main project is pragmaOS, an on-going project to build a live-system for applications around GNUnet and further software solutions which make use of GNUnet, based on GuixSD.

We are currently setting up our new development server, so there’s no immediate fancy environment to sign up at and start hacking.

Our software page shows an early road map without the targeted versions.

You can read more about our project at pragmatique.xyz – be aware that this is an early version of the web site.

Let me know what you think and join the fun!

[edit, 2017-04-24 00:01. Official news around pragmatique are now announced at https://pragmatique.noblogs.org/]


Long time no update.
I’m busy with documentation about https://pragmatique.xyz currently, and in the process of writing lots of texts I’ve written a page for patreon.

If you want to and follow this page (I have no way of telling how many people read this anyway, as I’m not even remotely interested in tracking the behavior of people and gathering their data), you can visit the profile at https://www.patreon.com/ng0

Stay tuned for the update/launch of the project website.


status update: gnurl

December saw two releases of gnurl (should it be stylized as `gnURL`?), version 7.52.0 and 7.52.1.  Both releases suffered (as the previous release) from my change of the release system.

Previously I used Gentoo and GuixSD, built on both in parallel and prepared the release tarball on Gentoo and signed over on GuixSD.
Artifacts of `/gnu/store…` references remained, but with the help I received in help-guix: 2016-12: Seeking advice: preparing releases on GuixSD
the next release should only have such a reference in ltmain.sh (which is a minor bug in the Guix package). It just need a minor fix to rename the resulting directory and tarball for `make dist` in addition to the ltmain.sh issue.

Changes for the Guix package of gnurl are covered in