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leaving delayed

Looks like I haven’t left yet.

If it seems like I am idle, this is what I’ve been up to:
– bunch of stuff for Guix (mostly updates iirc)
– started fixing Enlightenment on GuixSD
– trying to update XFCE4 on GuixSD
– moving repositories around
– came to a conclusion with names, we ended up with infotropique
– started writing an developer documentation for the OS
– applying for university
– started drafting a license in public
– and much more

now it would be great to move this web log to https://krosos.org/~/ng0/log/ (which doesn’t exist at the moment),
using haunt.

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leaving noblogs.org

Long time no entry.

Work on pragmatique and other stuff is keeping me busy, so short news is short:
as soon as my new server is repaired, everything related to personal work/projects
will appear on https://libertad.pw resp. its onion and opennic domain.
Everything non-personal, ie: pragmatique and other projects, will appear on the
projects websites.

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fish-guix 0.1.1 released

I have released version 0.1.1 of fish-guix (completions for Guix for the FISH shell) yesterday with no release message/details.

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I take packaging requests (for Guix packages)

If you lack the time to work on a package and you have no specific deadline for it,
you can message me with your requests.
Please mark the email with accordingly so that I can filter them later on, I suggest starting the subject line with “[packaging request]”.
If you do this, please support me on either flattr or patreon (more platforms will eventually be added).

Currently I work on an 1:1 port of torbrowser for Guix (longterm fun project), and completion of the mailman3 packages. Other work in progress packages can be found here.

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Long time no update.
I’m busy with documentation about https://pragmatique.xyz currently, and in the process of writing lots of texts I’ve written a page for patreon.

If you want to and follow this page (I have no way of telling how many people read this anyway, as I’m not even remotely interested in tracking the behavior of people and gathering their data), you can visit the profile at https://www.patreon.com/ng0

Stay tuned for the update/launch of the project website.


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Guix and gnunet-fs (a draft)

This article is a public draft, expect it to change. At this point it mostly originates from chats with some minor edits.

At secushare we already collected some notes about certain aspects of GNUnet and why we picked it over other existing networks and technologies.

As it has been an topic since the start of Guix (search archives of guix-devel for “binary distribution through gnunet”), a couple of people have been working on this, but if I remember correctly no one has mentioned in detail why we should use gnunet-fs and not ipfs, torrents, and the like.

On our page titled anonymity[onion|clearnet] we explain why it is of fundamental importance that we use one single technology for anonymization of all use cases and not several technologies like ipfs, freenet, tor, and others side by side.

Compared to freenet, gnunet-fs has extensive censorship resistance and sibyl attack protection.

Ipfs does not gossip (proactively disseminate some information that may be useful later), so if nobody cares for what you publish it will disappear.
It (ipfs) depends on getting attention for your content (attention economy), which can be bad if for example a whistleblower publishes information but needs to disconnect before announcing it to the public.

It is foundational for gnunet to make padding actually useful, whereas in some of tor’s bridge protocols it is just thrown away bandwidth.

Ipfs has the advantage of being fast and simple, but it can never be anonymous, not even when you combine it with tor.

Freenet is working alright, but is has the disadvantage of not being very good for real-time applications and that the attacks descibed in the paper of Christian Grothoff aren’t fixed yet as far as I know at this point.

So, gnunet would be good in this case (distributing binary substitutes for Guix), to not just serve one technology.

So far we don’t know of any flaws in the architectural design of gnunet which would leave it open to attacks on that level.

In addition to the pure distribution purpose, I want to go beyond just publishing binaries. More on that later.

to be edited and continued…

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