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About the blog move

It moved to we.make.ritual.n0.is (also accessible at ng0.infotropique.org and n0.is) and many months later the color style still hasn’t been fixed.


I’ll try an update of what I’ve been up to. I’ll probably miss about 50% of it anyway.

guix packages

Lots of stuff, too much to cover all of it. Check the repositories.


I’ve updated the guix package for palemoon to 27.4.0.
I’ll see about what needs to be changed for palemoon to go into guix master (if this is possible at all)
and I will contact the upstream developer(s) if we could distribute the resulting binary substitute. Otherwise we would have to keep doing what I do – just provide the recipe to build from.


    I packaged OpenDyslexic, which is now waiting for inclusion (but still available in my “packages” repository).
    I wrote a package recipe for the weird-licensed Everson Mono. What is this now, Shareware? Not shareware? I was obviously able to get it and use it. Ping me if this ever stops being able to be build, they don’t provide versioned archives. Available in the “guix_packages_nonfree” repository.


and a continuation from packages:

    I’ve started working on Firefox and Thunderbird. Well, mainly Thunderbird.
    Forget the website, it’s still confusing. We’ve discussed these ideas off the record and in private for a long time now and I’m currently rewriting the website. It would be much faster if someone else would write the texts from what are able to talk about, so that the message is clear as it should be. Anyway, it will be done. Eventually. Soon.
    hosting location will move


Yes, that’s right: music. A while back I started looking into new ways to express what I want with krosos. This project has been on hiatus since 6 or 7 years or something. Now I’m experimenting and I’m thinking and dealing with this creative project again.
It will be very likely be a departure from the attempt to work with people in the band context and probably also not recording the 1 album + 1 EP material I have written down (though themese might occur later on or it might be recorded after all later). It’s good to be back at this, I’ve started this back in school.

And I have forgotten about 3/4 of the rest. I still need to move away from this outlet. I already generate my websites with Haunt and news entries are build, but I want to polish it a bit more..

palemoon 27.3.0 for guix

Yesterday I finished a package I worked on for many moons.

I don’t really consider the code good (yet) and I would also like to point out the privacy issues (default startpage is a landing page with advertisment etc) and the questionable license (the source is open, the distribution of binaries not).

For those reading this post: No, there are no official binaries (binarny substitutes in guix) I provide. You will build palemoon from source with a package instruction I wrote.
(I think this should cover all eventual cases of developers trying to contact me)

I’m not convinced that it works, but at least it did not crash so far.

If you have no problems with this, feel free to check it out in the link I posted yesterday.

here title enter

  • I’m trying to include more languages now.
    Which means you will occasionally see German, English, French, or Spanish post on here. I haven’t written French and Spanish in a very long time so this is just to practice and improve again.
  • BaFöG Anträge are terrible.
  • We have made some progress with the design of infotropique OS. This didn’t happen in public, so I will make an official post later this week.
  • I will work on Gentoo packages again, occasionally. I’ll also pick up Debian and Alpinelinux packaging. This is not related to the previous item and this also doesn’t mean I’m withdrawing from Guix and GuixSD.

… and leaving indefinitely postponed

This site will continue to exist.

leaving delayed

Looks like I haven’t left yet.

If it seems like I am idle, this is what I’ve been up to:
– bunch of stuff for Guix (mostly updates iirc)
– started fixing Enlightenment on GuixSD
– trying to update XFCE4 on GuixSD
– moving repositories around
– came to a conclusion with names, we ended up with infotropique
– started writing an developer documentation for the OS
– applying for university
– started drafting a license in public
– and much more

now it would be great to move this web log to https://krosos.org/~/ng0/log/ (which doesn’t exist at the moment),
using haunt.

leaving noblogs.org

Long time no entry.

Work on infotropique and other stuff is keeping me busy, so short news is short:
as soon as my new server is repaired, everything related to personal work/projects
will appear on https://krosos.org (there’s also github pages for now
Everything non-personal, ie: infotropique and other projects, will appear on the projects websites.

fish-guix 0.1.1 released

I have released version 0.1.1 of fish-guix (completions for Guix for the FISH shell) yesterday with no release message/details.

I take packaging requests (for Guix packages)

If you lack the time to work on a package and you have no specific deadline for it,
you can message me with your requests.
Please mark the email with accordingly so that I can filter them later on, I suggest starting the subject line with “[packaging request]”.
If you do this, please support me on either flattr or patreon (more platforms will eventually be added).

Currently I work on an 1:1 port of torbrowser for Guix (longterm fun project), and completion of the mailman3 packages. Other work in progress packages can be found here.


Long time no update.
I’m busy with documentation about https://pragmatique.xyz currently, and in the process of writing lots of texts I’ve written a page for patreon.

If you want to and follow this page (I have no way of telling how many people read this anyway, as I’m not even remotely interested in tracking the behavior of people and gathering their data), you can visit the profile at https://www.patreon.com/ng0

Stay tuned for the update/launch of the project website.