GuixSD: further thoughts about servers

Multiple people are documenting their efforts and fights with clouds, kvm, xen, and other virtual systems to run GuixSD on.
Most of these platforms don’t differ from each other very much, so this serves also as a test to improve GuixSD to make the individual tweaks unnecessary.

However in the meantime, a centralized place to gather all the documentation is important. I’ll write down my own attempts, and I will collect emails from the list about initial server setups. For now I will collect them here on this web log.

Currently I’m working on:

Limitations are:

  • time … I’m bootstraping/starting pragmatique for the next months
  • money … some platforms, companies, and other entities are located in regions where running servers can’t be done for the (usual) unfair price of $5/month. Speaking of money: Rejoice hosters of virtual servers, we will throw cash at you for testing a system!

Eventually this should end up in a series of finalized posts which are easy to read (easy, non-technical language) and extend or work together with the pretty good documentation of Guix. You wonder how to install GuixSD at your hoster/cloudcastle XY? No problem, read this. Ideally it will be like my current experience with GuixSD where the basic setup is done in less than 30 minutes (depending on the status of hydra).
Eventually these guides will be moved over to some subdomain at